Organizing a Bookshelf at Your Gainesville, FL, Apartment

Do you have a bookshelf in your apartment that just seems to be a dumping ground for all your books, knick-knacks, and other odds and ends? Are you afraid that it negatively impacts the rest of your apartment décor? If so, don’t despair. This is a common problem that many people deal with, and we’re here to help you style your bookshelf to perfection. Follow our tips below and your bookshelf will enhance, rather than detracts from, your home décor.

To organize a bookshelf at your Gainesville, Florida, apartment, consider:

    • Simplicity – You may want to stuff your bookcase to the brim to ensure you are making use of every inch of shelf space, but instead, opt for a minimalist approach. Leave room between your books and knick-knacks, so it maintains a clean, simple look.
    • Mixing it up – Add a little intrigue to your book collection by alternately arranging your books horizontally and vertically. To maximize the design flair, try organizing books by their spine color.
    • Using pottery – To help your books stay upright and neat, use sturdy pottery pieces as bookends. Not only will they be durable bookends, but they will add a unique touch to your shelf.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you to organize your bookshelf so that it is a beautiful sight to behold in your apartment. And, if you are not yet a resident at our apartments at Bellamay Grand, contact us today or stop by our leasing office to take a tour of our community. Our apartments come in professionally designed color schemes in beige, taupe, or gray, the color of which is reflected in the wall color, ceiling fans, and deep pile carpeting.

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