Learning about the Two Types of Canning at Your Gainesville, FL, Apartment

Canning is a food preservation method in which heat is applied to food in enclosed glass jars. This stops natural spoilage from occurring, and removes the air from the jars to create a seal. With this method, canned food should last for a year or more.

There are two different types of canning:

    • Water bath – A common technique for canning highly acidic foods, such as jams, fruit spreads, pickles, vinegars, salsas, and fruits.
    • Pressure canning – Used for preserving vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood, pressure canning heats the contents to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating the risk of food-borne bacteria.

With both techniques, you’ll want to make sure you have the correct equipment at your Gainesville, Florida, apartment to complete the process. If using the pressure canning method, you’ll need to invest in a pressure canner (a lightweight aluminum or stainless steel kettle), while the water bath technique only requires a big pot, an assortment of glass jars, and common kitchen utensils (such as a ladle, funnel, and wooden spoon).

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