Cleaning Your Computer at Your Apartment in Gainesville

Keeping your computer clean is one of the best ways to ensure it runs quickly. How can cleanliness help your computer run better? Most computers are designed to automatically slow down or shut off in response to excess heat, to prevent hardware from burning out. Unfortunately, one of the main issues that causes computers to overheat is dust accumulation inside the machine. As dust builds up in vents, heat sinks and fans, it can make it hard for your computer to disperse the heat it generates.

Thankfully, cleaning off the dust can improve your computer’s performance, but cleaning computer components incorrectly can cause serious damage, so it’s important that you take extra care when cleaning your computer.

Before you open your computer, make sure you have the following:

  • A can of compressed air – found at computer stores and office supply retailers
  • A face mask – to keep you from inhaling dust
  • Soft bristled paint brushes – a variety of bristle lengths and thicknesses, but smaller brushes work better
  • Anti-static rag – avoid paper towels and regular cloths, and never use static wipes like Swiffer
  • A small spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol – avoid water or other chemicals
  • An open area with a hard floor like tile, linoleum or wood – NEVER work on a carpet or rug
  • A vacuum cleaner – only use this to clean up afterwards

Always be sure to read your computer’s warranty before cleaning, since opening its case, even for cleaning, may void it. Start by powering down your computer and disconnecting it from your monitor, keyboard, power outlet and any other attachments. Next, move your computer into the open area where you have assembled your supplies. Follow the instructions that came with your computer to open the case. Ground yourself by touching the metal frame of the case before touching any internal components. Use the compressed air to blow out any visible dust in the computer, especially around fans and the large metal heat sinks. If any dust remains, use the paint brushes to gently clean it off. Wipe down the frame and exterior of the case using the cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Close up your case, and your computer is ready to be hooked back up. Finally, use your vacuum to clean up the dust you cleared from the computer.

Bellamay Grand residents have an alternative option if the computer at their apartment in Gainesville breaks. Our business center has Internet, a computer, and a printer that are available to residents in need. For more information on our available units, contact us today.

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