Storing Your Holiday Decorations at Your Apartment in Gainesville

Many people enjoy getting in the spirit of each season by decorating their apartment to match. While this makes for a festive apartment at key times during the year, it can be difficult finding places to store all the decorations. Fortunately, Bellamay Grand has some tips that can help our residents keep their seasonal decorations organized and safely stored throughout the year.

There are several places in your apartment in Gainesville where you can keep your holiday decorations. For seasonal linens, the top shelves of your linen closet are a smart place to reserve. Similarly, seasonal dishes can be stored out of the way in the upper shelves of your pantry or cabinets. Since these items aren’t generally stored in a box, it’s a good idea to clean them before using them, since they can build up dust while tucked away for a year.

The spacious storage closet at your Bellamay Grand apartment is the perfect place for other decorations. Be sure to wrap delicate object in bubble wrap or tissue paper and put them in ridged boxes that will protect them while stored. It’s a good idea to keep labels on each box facing outward so you can quickly tell which ones are holding what you want. To help save space, you can also store multiple holidays’ decorations in the same box; for example Thanksgiving and Halloween décor in a “fall” box or Valentines and New Years decorations in a “winter” box.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll ensure your holiday decorations will be easily accessible and last for years at your Bellamay Grand apartment. To learn more about joining our community, contact our leasing office today.

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