Donate Items from Your Apartment in Gainesville

Donating some of the possessions in your apartment that you don’t need anymore is a win-win scenario. On the one hand, you get to clear up some space in your apartment. On the other hand, since you aren’t simply discarding your items, other people who may need them will benefit. Everybody wins! Plus, when you decide to search through your apartment for items to donate, almost everything you own is in bounds. Just because you think an item is useless, doesn’t mean somebody else will.

Here are some items that may go overlooked in your apartment in Gainesville that you could consider donating:

  • There is always a need for an old computer or other office equipment. For instance, skilled technicians may be able to get use out of old computer parts.
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore will surely fit somebody else, and don’t be shy about giving away that shirt you never wear, including formal wear.
  • Old pet supplies like leashes, and water and food bowls are also always in demand because of the many pet lovers out there.
  • Used eyeglasses can also be valuable to many people who can’t afford new glasses.
  • Don’t forget about used cell phones, as well.

There are many local charities in Gainesville that will accept donations. Cleaning out your apartment on a lazy Sunday afternoon and donating unused items can make a big difference in the lives of many.

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“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
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