Do the Research in Your Apartment in Gainesville before you go to the Movies

“I can’t believe I just wasted twenty bucks on that horrible movie!” Does this sound familiar? There aren’t many circumstances more irritating then when you’re leaving a theatre after watching a bad film, and then realize that you actually paid to sit through that torture. Now more than ever, people are being more frugal with their spending, so if you want to have a night out at the movies and get your money’s worth, it may be wise to research what other people are saying.

Here are some research tips you can try in your apartment in Gainesville to help you identify which movies might be worth your time:

  • Read newspaper reviews – find some critics you tend to agree with and consult their articles before going out. If a movie gets a negative review, maybe you should save your money.
  • Look online – the website compiles all critical reviews from around the country and puts a percentage on the amount of praise a movie is getting
  • Watch the trailer – if the preview doesn’t interest you, then the movie probably won’t either
  • Ask around – call or text some of your buddies whom you trust and ask them what movies they’ve seen and if they would recommend them

Obviously there is no fool-proof way to tell if you will like a movie or not. Everyone has his or her own tastes, so just because the critics don’t like a movie doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t. But you assume a greater risk if you hear nothing but negative things about a film. Just ask the people who saw Gigli.

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