A Basic Origami Lesson

This article explains one of the simplest origami forms: the paper balloon. Before starting, it’s a good idea to purchase some origami paper. While any type paper can be folded, origami paper is particularly easy to fold and is normally pre-cut into the perfect square that most patterns require. However, for those who don’t feel like purchasing this special paper, they can fold the short edge of any rectangular piece diagonally to the long edge and trim off the excess with scissors to produce a square.

With the square of paper ready, the following steps will produce an origami paper balloon:

  1. Fold the paper in half from left to right then unfold it
  2. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom then unfold it
  3. Flip the paper over
  4. Fold the upper left corner to the lower right corner to create a diagonal fold, then unfold
  5. Fold the lower left corner to the upper right corner to create a diagonal fold, then unfold
  6. Find the point along the left, right, and top edge where the creases cut it in half, then pull them to the same point on the bottom edge (The sheet should collapse into two triangles stacked together with an opening on the bottom and sharing a tip)
  7. Fold the left and right corners of the upper triangle to the top corner
  8. Flip the paper while keeping the opening on the bottom
  9. Repeat Step 7 for the other triangle (The paper should now have what looks like a 4 diamonds stacked when looked at straight down the top and 2 when looked at straight from the bottom)
  10. Fold the left and right corners of the upper diamonds directly to the center line
  11. Flip the paper over, keeping the same point as the top
  12. Repeat Step 10
  13. Where the paper is split at the top, tuck each tab into the pocket directly below it which was created by folding the corners in during Steps 10-12
  14. Blow into the bottom  and the paper balloon will inflate

This is just one of the many ways residents can spend time relaxing at Bellamay Grand Apartment Homes. For more information on our Gainesville apartment community and the many benefits of living here, contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions and take you on a community tour.

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“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
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