Growing Chili Peppers in Your Gainesville Apartment

While herbs have always been a staple in patio and windowsill planters, chili peppers are becoming an increasingly popular addition to these miniature gardens thanks to their bold flavor and compact size. Growing your own peppers is a great way to ensure you have a regular supply of delicious vegetables to spice up your cooking whenever you want to give it an extra kick.

To start your pepper plants, you’ve got 2 options: buy a plant that is already growing or germinate one from seeds. While purchasing one that has already developed is easier, it’s usually cheaper to buy a seed pack. There are almost always several of viable seeds in these packs, so buying seeds also gives new pepper gardeners some extra chances if their first plants die.

If you choose to germinate seeds, punch a few small holes in the bottom of a shallow plastic tray, cover the bottom with a screen and put about 1-3 inches of potting soil in the tray. Evenly place your seeds about 2-4 inches apart throughout the tray and push each seed gently into the dirt with your finger to about the first knuckle. Keep the soil moist but not wet and be sure to keep the tray slightly off the ground to allow water to drain.

With all indoor and outdoor plants, make sure to protect carpets and other flooring underneath the plants. Excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow under the plant’s container. Potting soil also can create a mess if you’re not careful.

Once your peppers sprout their second set of leaves it’s time to transfer them to a pot. A 4-6 inch diameter pot is a good size for growing peppers in your Gainesville apartment since it will prevent the chili plant from growing too large. Make sure you only water your plants when the top layer of soil has dried and that you place them where they can get plenty of sun. Chili peppers do better in warm weather, so you should also be ready to move them inside if the weather starts dipping below 70° F. Once you see small flowers, use your finger to gently transfer the pollen around to each flower and watch your chilies grow.

Whether you decide to grow mild New Mexicans, hot Serranos, or atomic Habaneros, you can count on your chili peppers to spice up the food you cook in your Bellamay Grand apartment. To learn more about our apartment’s well-equipped kitchens, contact us today.

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