Choosing Native Plants for a Planter at Your Apartment in Gainesville, FL

Starting a planter on the patio at your Bellamay Grand apartment is an easy way to bring more color to your outdoor space. While geraniums, orchids, snapdragons, and other common potted plants are beautiful, they aren’t always the best match for Florida’s climate and can require a great deal of time and effort on the part of a gardener to ensure they grow. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of plants native to Florida which can make a colorful addition to any planter and are already adapted to our state’s unique climate.

A few native Florida flowers you can try growing in your planter include:

  • Tickseed – Florida’s state wildflower, these plants grow tall, elegant stems and have a bright yellow/orange flowers.
  • Black-eyed Susan – Similar in appearance to Tickseed, but larger and with a deep black disk flower that gives it its name.
  • Purple Coneflower – As their name suggests, these summer-blooming plants have a bright purple flower with an attractive yellow cone and have been known to attract hummingbirds.
  • Blue-eyed Grass – This tiny flower only reaches about 1.5 inches tall but has a vibrant blue to purple flower with a bright yellow center during springtime.
  • Violets – These small, bright purple flowers are one of the few widely grown species native to Florida and make a good starter plant for amateur gardeners.
  • Twin Flower – With lavender flowers that bloom year round, this plant can help keep your planter colorful throughout all seasons.
  • Rain Lily – These small plants produce stunning flowers in a range of yellow, white, red, and pink, and are an excellent choice for more experienced gardeners interested in trying their hand at hybridization.

Remember that flowers each have different requirements for soil, water, and sunlight, so you’ll want to thoroughly research each species to make sure they are compatible if you plan to grow multiple plants in your planter. You’ll also want to account for the amount of sunlight the patio at your apartment in Gainesville, FL receives. Be sure to choose a location for your planter that will provide the right level of light for your plants to keep them healthy and strong.

If you’re also interested in growing some plants you can use to spice up your cooking, see our articles on this website about making your own herb garden or growing chili peppers. And for more information on joining our luxury apartment community, contact Bellamay Grand’s office today.

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