Planning a Family Reunion from Your Gainesville Apartment

With so much going on in our daily lives, it can often be difficult to stay in contact with our family members. If you’ve recently realized you haven’t seen certain members of your family in ages, it may be time to plan a family reunion so everybody can reconnect and catch up. Planning a family reunion is no easy task, as it requires a lot of preparation and schedule coordinating.

If you’ve decided to take on this daunting task from your Gainesville apartment, some steps you can follow that may make the planning process easier are:

  • Create a list of family members along with spouses and children; after all, you don’t want to leave anybody out!
  • Figure out a date where most people can attend, remember it is virtually impossible to please everybody, although summer months are usually ideal.
  • Find a place that has enough room and amenities for everyone to gather comfortably. If weather permits, you might consider a community park. Other ideas include banquet halls, restaurants, and clubhouses.
  • Budget out the trip and decide how much each family member will have to pay for housing, travel expenses, etc.
  • Plan games and day-trips everybody can partake in, it may also be fun to do an icebreaker game in the beginning so everyone can get reacquainted.
  • Remember to document the trip with lots of pictures and video.

No matter the size of your family, a reunion is great way to get away from the daily rigors of work or school and reconnect with the ones you love. Make family reunions a priority and remember that the earlier you start planning, the better!

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