Carving a Turkey in Your Gainesville Apartment

Turkey is one of the most popular dishes during the holiday season, but to truly enjoy this dish, it’s important to properly carve it. Proper carving techniques will help keep the meat from drying out and keep your turkey delicious throughout the meal.

There are two exceptionally important pieces of equipment necessary to carving a turkey, a long-pronged fork and a thin, sharp carving knife. While carving your turkey, be sure to always hold the slices of meet with the fork so that your hand is well outside the path of the blade. You should also always cut in a direction away from yourself and any guests to help ensure the safety of everyone at the table.

The dark meat should always be the first part of the bird carved since it will remain moist longer than white meat. To carve the dark meat, start by separating the thighs from the body. The best way to do this is slide the knife through the joints rather than through the bone, which can dull the knife. Next separate the leg from the thigh at the joint the same way. After these parts are separated, cut the bones out by running the tip of the knife along them. With the bones removed, lay the meat as flat as possible and slice it parallel to its position when on the bone.

Once the dark meat is sliced and set aside, it’s time to work on the white meat. Remove and carve the wings in the same way you removed the thighs and legs, discarding the wing tips. The final step is to carve the breast meat. Using the fork, hold a small part of the breast and cut it parallel to the length of the breast. It’s important to cut this way to keep the meat moist and to ensure it won’t fall apart. You should also only slice the breast in small sections to help keep the meat moist longer.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to enjoy your holiday turkey in your Gainesville apartment. With spacious kitchens perfect for cooking your holiday meals, Bellamay Grand is a great place to enjoy the season. For more information on our available units, contact our main office today.

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“The scenery and space is amazing. The apartment leasing staff and maintenance staff are wonderful. I love that its a gated community and all though it's family and student oriented it's still extremely quiet.”
“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
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