Hooking Up a Washer and Dryer at Your Gainesville Apartment

Every one of our apartment homes at Bellamay Grand has a full-size washer and a dryer hookup, a feature that nearly all of our residents greatly appreciate. However, the act of actually hooking up the washer and dryer can be a little confusing for someone who’s never done it before, so we’ve compiled the following useful guide to help our residents get started.

Just follow these steps to reliably hook up your washer and dryer at your Gainesville apartment:

1. Place the washer and dryer in the area with the connections. The washer hookup will have two water connections and a standpipe, while the dryer will have a ventilation hole.

2. Connect the washer by matching the hot and cold hoses on its side to the corresponding connections on the wall. Ensure that they are tightened and secure before proceeding.

3. Next, place the drain hose connected to the washer inside the standpipe. Use duct tape or another similar adhesive to secure the drain hose’s connection to the pipe.

4. Now, move on to the dryer. Connect the vent on the back of the dryer to the vent hole in the wall, using a vent clamp to secure it.

5. Plug in your washer and dryer to an electrical outlet, and do one final spot check to make sure that everything is secure. Once you do that, you should be ready to start doing your own laundry.

If you have any further questions about our apartments or how to properly hook up your washer and dryer, contact our leasing office today. If you are interested in renting an apartment at Bellamay Grand, you can also fill out a contact us form on our website, or just stop by the office for a personal tour of our lovely community.

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“The scenery and space is amazing. The apartment leasing staff and maintenance staff are wonderful. I love that its a gated community and all though it's family and student oriented it's still extremely quiet.”
“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
“We just moved in about a month ago. We had maintenance in so many times trying to get things set up for my disabled son - but they never complained. The grounds are beautiful. The people in the office are always polite and helpful. Very happy here.”
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