Ways to Donate to Charity from Our Apartments in Gainesville, FL

If you’ve ever cleaned out a closet or cabinet in your apartment, you’ve probably encountered several items that you would like to donate to a charity. No matter what kind of items you have – from clothes to books to old electronics – there are many different charities that will accept your donations. So, you’ll not only get rid of the clutter in your home, but also help out a cause that aids people in need.

Here are some ways you can donate to charity:

  • Donate clothes to the Salvation Army, the proceeds of which help to fund their adult rehabilitation centers; Goodwill, the proceeds of which help in their mission to provide community outreach for low-income families and individuals; or the American Red Cross, which benefits victims of natural disasters.
  • Donate books to the Salvation Army, which will stock these books in their homeless shelters.
  • Donate old electronics (in useable condition) to Goodwill, which will refurbish and recycle them to help local communities. Goodwill accepts monitors, computers, scanners, printers, hard drives, keyboards, speakers, ink and toner cartridges, and more. If your electronics are no longer in working condition, drop them off at Best Buy, where employees will responsibly recycle them.

Now, the next time you have a stack of books or a bag full of clothes that are in good condition but you no longer have a use for, you have a handy list of charities to donate them to.

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