Making Fudge at Our Apartments in Gainesville, Florida

There’s nothing like the melt-in-your-mouth flavor of good, rich fudge, freshly made in your local candy store or chocolate shop. However, if you’ve ever been curious about making fudge yourself, the modern kitchens in every Bellamay Grand apartment are the perfect place for you to make some fudge of your own.

Although it may take a few attempts to perfect your recipe, making fudge doesn’t have to be difficult. All you really need is:

• A cup of water
• 2 cups of sugar
• A can (14oz) of sweetened condensed milk
• A large saucepan for heating and mixing
• ¼ cup of butter
• 3 cups of semisweet chocolate chips or an equivalent amount of chocolate shavings
• A baking pan

Start by mixing all of your ingredients in the saucepan until they are well mixed. Then, bring the mixture to a boil on medium heat until the fudge reaches the “soft ball” stage. This means that when you scoop some of it out and drop it into a glass of water, it will congeal into a round, ball-like shape. Remember to test every few minutes, because once it reaches this stage, the fudge is done. All you have to do then is remove the mix from the heat, pour it into a well-greased, 8-by-8 inch glass baking dish, and let it chill for a minimum of three hours. Then you’ll be able to cut it into squares and dig in!

After a few tries, you may even discover you have a talent for fudge making and decide to experiment with other flavors and ingredients, such as adding walnuts, butterscotch, or doubling the amount of chocolate. No matter your preference, making fudge should be a breeze with the full complement of the updated kitchen appliances at our apartments in Gainesville, Florida.

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“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
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