Easy Ways for Residents in Our Gainesville, FL Apartments to Protect Their Carpet

Keeping carpets clean in your apartment can be a challenging task, requiring frequent vacuuming and other care. To make this chore easier, it’s smart to find ways that keep your carpet from being soiled or damaged. Bellamay Grand is happy to offer a few tips our residents can use to make sure their carpets stay in outstanding shape.

A few things residents in our Gainesville, FL apartments can try include:

  • Keeping clean doormats – While many people use doormats, few remember to clean them frequently. Unless they are regularly cleaned, wiping feet on them could pick up more dirt than is removed. Many doormats can be put in the washing machine for easy cleaning.
  • Removing shoes – By placing shoe just inside your door, you can prevent dirt from being spread and confine it to a single easily cleaned space. Having a shoe rack is a smart way to remind yourself and guests to remove shoes upon entering your apartment, and will ensure your shoes remain organized.
  • Using carpet protectors – These plastic sheets can be laid over frequently used paths to provide additional protection for the most high-traffic areas. Be sure to regularly remove, wash, and dry these protectors, and check them for cracks that may develop.
  • Having bathmats – These help absorb moisture as soon as you step out of the shower. Without bathmats, excess moisture could end up in the carpet in other rooms, causing musty odors and making it easier for the carpet to pick up dirt and dust. Remember to wash bathmats in the laundry regularly to prevent them from becoming musty as well.

Trying a few of these simple practices is a good way to start saving yourself time and energy in keeping your carpet clean. Our residents can find more articles on effective ways to clean and protect their apartments on this website, and people interested in joining our luxury apartment community can contact us today to arrange a tour.

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“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
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