Appreciating the Great Outdoors at Bellamay Grand Apartments in Gainesville, FL

Spring, summer, winter, and fall, Bellamay Grand Apartment Homes is nestled among the lush, mature trees and foliage that Gainesville, Florida is famous for. Thanks to the mild weather in Florida, our residents are able to enjoy nature’s beauty around our community virtually every day.

No matter what the time of year, we are always happy to see our residents go outside and take in the scenery that surrounds our Gainesville, Florida apartments. To make everyone’s outdoor experience as pleasant as possible, consider the following clean community tips:

  • Pick up clutter outside your apartment like shoes, boxes, toys, bicycles, garbage bags, etc.
  • Give your patio a clean sweep.
  • Wash off outdoor furniture and replace pieces that have decayed with weathering and age.
  • Groom your outdoor plants.
  • Pick up after yourself and your children, at the pool area and elsewhere on the property.
  • Avoid littering on the property or throwing trash out your car window.

By taking a few minutes a day to tidy up areas outside your apartment and around the community, Bellamay Grand Apartment Homes will shine brighter than any other neighborhood in Gainesville. This gives you and your neighbors a nicer place to come home to and enjoy.

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