Back to School Tips for Parents & Children

Every fall, parents and children across the country feel both excited and nervous about starting a new school year. If a child is attending preschool or kindergarten for the first time, or is transferring to a new school, it adds a whole new level of anxiety to the process.

Whether you live in a Gainesville, Florida apartment or a Phoenix, Arizona house, the National Education Association offers the following advice for parents who want to minimize their children’s school apprehension:

• Plan for your child to visit his or her school in advance.
• Reassure children that it’s normal to be nervous when doing something for the first time.
• Read books about starting school and talk enthusiastically about the learning process.
• Discuss and practice new routines.
• Let your child have a voice when it comes to choosing what outfits to wear or what type of lunch to pack.
• Encourage after-school activities with new friends.

Throughout the school year, it is also important to make sure children are supervised as they go to and from the bus stop. Traffic is heavy in the morning and afternoon, children are difficult for drivers to see, and children are not the best at watching for oncoming traffic. If you are unable to walk your child to and from a bus stop, ask another parent or a babysitter to help you. Your child’s safety is worth it.

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