Barbecue Grill Usage Regulations for Residents of Gainesville, Florida Apartments

From hamburgers on Independence Day to shish kabobs on Halloween, any time is a good time for cooking food on an outdoor grill. This is especially true in a climate like the one we enjoy in Gainesville, Florida, where mild to hot temperatures are possible throughout the year.

Generally speaking, residents of Gainesville, Florida apartments are allowed to use outdoor grills in their communities. However, due to local fire codes, the use of these grills is restricted in some ways.

Therefore, before you arrange your vittles and light the grill, please keep the following outdoor grill rules in mind:

  • LP gas grills and the storage of LP gas are not allowed in apartment communities.
  • You may use a charcoal grill as long as the grill is placed at least 15 feet away from buildings before it is lit.
  • Grills may not be used on balconies, patios, walkways, landings, stairwells, or breezeways.

The above policies are not intended to limit anyone’s fun. On the contrary, outdoor grill rules were put into place to protect residents from the very real danger of fires in multifamily dwellings.

If you have questions about outdoor grill usage at your apartment community, contact your management staff.

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