Providing a Fun Environment for Your Cat in Your Gainesville Apartment

Being a cat owner is a fun and rewarding experience. From playing with string to chasing laser pointers and purring to big stretches, cats offer endless amusement and entertainment for people and families.

Even though you may see your cat sleep for what seems like the entire day, cats are very active creatures, and they’re happiest when they have things to consistently amuse them. By following some simple steps, you can ensure your cat is living a fun and fulfilling life in your Gainesville apartment.

  1. Buy a scratching post. Scratching is a natural activity for cats – they scratch to mark their territory, stretch, and exercise. One way to make sure they don’t scratch up your sofa, comforters, and other prized possessions is to give them an alternative: a scratch post. Scratching posts allow cats to get all the scratching out of their system while not damaging the important items in your apartment. But keep in mind, the best way to protect your furniture is, ironically, to put the post near them. This way, cats will mark their territory by scratching the post rather than your couch or bed.
  2. Make time to play with your cat. While cats are exceptionally good at entertaining themselves, having regular play sessions will provide the physical and mental stimulation needed to enhance the bond that you share.
  3. Invest in a cat toy. Give your feline friend something to do when you’re not around. Cats don’t need lavish toys to play with; just a simple ping-pong ball or roll of yarn should do the trick.

Bellamay Grand is a pet-friendly apartment community that welcomes cat owners. Please call our office to learn about the minimal requirements and fees we have for our cat-owning residents.

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“The scenery and space is amazing. The apartment leasing staff and maintenance staff are wonderful. I love that its a gated community and all though it's family and student oriented it's still extremely quiet.”
“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
“We just moved in about a month ago. We had maintenance in so many times trying to get things set up for my disabled son - but they never complained. The grounds are beautiful. The people in the office are always polite and helpful. Very happy here.”
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