Following the Pool Rules at your Gainesville, Florida Apartment Community

Ahhh, the community pool. No Gainesville apartment community is complete without this sparkling blue amenity.

Whether you want to sit in a lounge chair and read a good book or cool off in the pristine water, the community pool offers many opportunities for rest and relaxation. The trick to enjoying the community pool, however, is to follow the rules set forth by your Gainesville, Florida apartment community. These rules are not intended to limit your fun. On the contrary, pool rules provide a framework in which residents can take advantage of everything the community pool has to offer while keeping safety, and the comfort of other residents, a priority.

In most cases, Gainesville apartments post their pool rules in the pool area for all to see. Some of the most common pool rules include:

  1. No lifeguard—residents and their guests use the pool at their own risk. No lifeguard will be on duty. The apartment community is not responsible for accidents, injuries, lost items, or damaged items.
  2. Showering—swimmers should shower off before entering the water. This is especially true for swimmers wearing suntan oils, as oils can damage the pool filtering equipment.
  3. Pool hours—Pools are typically open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  4. Restricted use—apartment community pools are to be used by only residents and their guests.
  5. Number of guests—guests are limited to 1-2 per apartment, and while guests are at the pool, they must be accompanied by the resident they are staying with.
  6. Children—children under the age of 14 at the pool must be accompanied and supervised by an adult resident at all times.
  7. Containers—no glass or other breakable containers are allowed at the pool. These objects break easily on the pool deck and injure bare feet.
  8. Alcohol—no alcoholic beverages should be served or consumed in the pool or pool area. People under the influence of alcohol should not be near or in the pool.
  9. Horseplay—running, jumping, fighting, and other boisterous activity is not allowed at the pool.
  10. Radios—loud broadcasting equipment (such as “boomboxes” and the like) should not be played at the pool. Personal digital devices with headsets, such as iPods, CD players, and MP3 players, are allowed as long as they are for individual use and not heard by others in the pool area.
  11. Attire—residents and guests should wear proper attire in the pool and pool area at all times. “Thong” or “t-back” suits are not permitted. Only bathing suits should be worn in the water, not street clothes.
  12. Pool furniture—please cover pool furniture with towels if you’re wearing suntan oils or lotions.
  13. Safety equipment—please do not disturb pool safety equipment unless you are using it for its intended purpose, such as in an emergency.
  14. Noise—please do not yell or engage in other loud activities in the pool area. Many residents live close to the pool and will be disturbed by excessive noise.

At Bellamay Grand Apartment Homes in Gainesville, Florida, we’re proud of our pool amenities. We hope our residents will always remember safety when using the pool. If you are a resident of Bellamay Grand and you have concerns about the pool—or if you see unauthorized people in the pool or pool area—please contact our leasing office immediately.

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