Parenting Tip for Gainesville Apartment Residents

Instead of feeling like you are dragging your children up and down the grocery store aisles, get them involved in the shopping process. If your child is old enough, use this as a great opportunity to teach them about healthy foods and prices.

  • Explain how different colored vegetables do different healthy things. For instance, the greener the salad, the more nutrients there are in the leaves.
  • Ask your child to choose a fruit or vegetable he or she has never tried. When eating dinner in your Gainesville apartment, they will be more likely to try something new if they were part of the shopping process.
  • If your child is old enough, teach them what the unit price is. As you shop they can search for the cheapest size and brand name for you. They also can learn to use a calculator in this process.
  • Let your children know that the healthiest juices have only fruits and vegetables in them. Show them how to pick out one that is 100 percent fruit and/or vegetable juice.

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