Preventing a Problem with Pests at Your Gainesville, Florida Apartment

Nothing can disturb an apartment quite like bugs. Whether you see ants, flies, mosquitoes, or even worse—roaches—insects have the ability to make you uncomfortable in your own living space.

Most Gainesville, Florida apartment communities provide some sort of regular pest control treatments to keep bugs at bay. Apartment community pest control typically involves treating interior and exterior areas, including inside each apartment. Depending on the apartment community, a pest control technician may enter your apartment monthly, every other month, or quarterly. In addition to the apartment community, the City of Gainesville and the Alachua County government may also treat the area in an effort to control mosquitoes and other bothersome pests.

Regular pest control treatments go a long way in preventing a bug infestation in apartments. As a resident, there are many measures you adopt yourself to make your apartment less attractive to bugs:

  • Wash dishes in a timely fashion. Do not let dirty dishes sit in your sink.
  • Wipe down countertops and tables frequently.
  • Vacuum and mop floors regularly.
  • Disinfect bathroom floors, showers, sinks, and toilets.
  • Do not let bags of garbage sit inside your apartment or outside your front door.
  • Store food in heavy-duty containers. Bugs can get into plastic bags and cardboard boxes.
  • Take out garbage to the dumpster daily.
  • Use sturdy garbage bags as well as garbage cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Stagnant water provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Other insect species are constantly searching for water sources, too. Therefore, do not put anything inside or outside your apartment that will allow water to collect and become stagnant for a long period of time.

You may also want to try the various sprays and other pest control products available in the store. From roach bait to fly paper, many over-the-counter products are quite effective at controlling pest populations.

If you notice a problem with pests in or around your Gainesville apartment home, contact the leasing office as soon as possible. At that point, your management company should send pest control professionals to your apartment to investigate the problem and remedy it. Otherwise, a pest problem will only get worse and spread to other homes.

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