Ways to Reduce the Energy Bills at Your Gainesville, Florida Apartment

Saving electricity comes with multiple benefits. The most obvious benefit of reducing your power usage is that it reduces your power bill, leaving more cash in your pocket for other things. Saving power also helps the environment because fewer fossil fuels are burned into the atmosphere, thus reducing environmental pollution.

The push for saving energy and reducing power bills is at an all time high in our country, and residents of Gainesville, Florida have joined this nationwide effort. If you live in a relatively small Gainesville apartment, you may feel that you don’t consume much electrical power, but in reality, there are many ways you can save both energy and money.

A few simple ways you can reduce your power usage in your apartment include:

  1. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs—They consume 75 percent less energy and last 10 times longer
  2. Place weatherstripping on exterior doors and windows—Ask your apartment management office if you are allowed to weather-proof your doors and windows; some management companies will do this for you at no charge
  3. Use your ceiling fans— Ceiling fans can make your apartment feel 7-8 degrees cooler in the summer, or ceiling fans can be run in reverse during the winter to circulate warm air hovering near your ceiling
  4. Report hot water leaks—Tell your management office if your faucets or showerheads are leaking
  5. Install low-flow showerheads—You will get better water pressure in the shower and save money, too
  6. Get an aerator for your faucets—For a couple dollars, you can buy screw-on aerator tips for your kitchen faucet and other faucets; they improve water flow and reduce hot water usage
  7. Turn off lights, computers, TVs, etc. when you’re not using them—this really does make a difference
  8. Use a microwave—or use a toaster oven instead of your full-size oven; smaller appliances use less energy
  9. Change the filter monthly on your air conditioner/heater—Your leasing office may provide new filters for free every month, as well as help you install them

Thankfully, saving energy at your Gainesville, Florida apartment does not require a vast change in your lifestyle. It only takes a few easy adjustments to notice a significant difference in your power bill expenses.

For more information about saving energy at your apartment, contact your local utility company and your apartment management office.

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