Relaxing at Your Apartment in Gainesville

Life can be full of stressful situations – from work to family life to something as simple as rooting for your favorite sports team, different levels of stress can be brought on by many factors. This is why learning proper relaxation techniques can be a nice way to alleviate some of the side effects of stress and possibly improve your overall health. Some of these relaxation techniques include:

  • Autogenic relaxation. This technique involves using both visual imagery and body movement. This is achieved by visualizing specific words or places that help you relax while focusing on controlled breathing. An example of this would be visualizing a beach while focusing on relaxing each limb one-by-one.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation. This calming exercise relaxes each muscle group one at a time. You can lie down on your bed or couch and begin tensing and then relaxing different muscles. One suggestion is to start with your toes and work your way up to your neck. This allows you to focus on the difference between tension and relaxation.
  • Visualization. This stress-erasing exercise is done by closing your eyes and imagining a peaceful, calming place that helps you forget about all the stresses in your life. Make sure to incorporate all your senses in this exercise, not just sight. For example, if you’re thinking of a beach, think about how the ocean smells, or the sand feels, or the sound birds make when they fly overhead.

These techniques can help you escape the rigors of your day and refocus, allowing for increased energy and productivity.

If you’re looking for an apartment in Gainesville to relax in, we invite you to check out Bellamay Grand. Please call or stop by our leasing office for a tour today.

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“The scenery and space is amazing. The apartment leasing staff and maintenance staff are wonderful. I love that its a gated community and all though it's family and student oriented it's still extremely quiet.”
“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
“We just moved in about a month ago. We had maintenance in so many times trying to get things set up for my disabled son - but they never complained. The grounds are beautiful. The people in the office are always polite and helpful. Very happy here.”
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