Keeping Pesky Fall Allergens out of Your Rental Apartment in Gainesville, Florida

Along with the joys of changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and several notable holidays, the fall seasons also brings nasty allergens that cause many people to stock up on their tissue supply. While spring allergens typically come from trees and summer allergens come from grasses, the main cause of fall allergies is weed pollen – particularly ragweed pollen. Obviously, it is impossible to completely avoid the effects of seasonal allergies, but there are steps you can take to significantly reduce the side-effects caused by them.

Some important measures to take that may decrease the sneezing in your rental apartment in Gainesville, Florida are:

  • Pets, like dogs and cats, are big time targets for allergens, especially during the fall season. Brushing them daily along with regular bathing will help keep off loose hair and pollen that might be attached to their fur. Make sure to designate special blankets for them to lie on when in the apartment as well.
  • Pollen and other allergens also can stick on your shoes, jackets, and other clothing, so make sure to vacuum your apartment regularly to catch any particles you may have brought inside. Also, leave your shoes and coats near the front door to avoid bringing extra allergens inside.
  • Use a wet cloth or cleaner around your apartment regularly to mop up dust, pollen particles, and other tiny allergen particles that can accumulate in great number during allergy season.
  • It is also recommended to wash your bed sheets regularly to prevent allergens from building up over time and affecting you while you sleep.

These steps may help reduce your sniffles this fall season. Florida can be an especially tough state to live in during seasonal allergies, but that shouldn’t deter you from looking for a beautiful luxury apartment community in Gainesville. Please contact the office at Bellamay Grand and discover the luxury that awaits you.

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