Trash Disposal Tips for Residents of Gainesville, Florida Apartments

Taking the trash out to the dumpster may not be your favorite chore, but it is an important one for your own personal health, as well as the health of your apartment community.

While many residents of Gainesville, Florida apartments may be tempted to leave their trash bags outside their front doors or on their porch for a while, this is not a good idea. Garbage left outside can cause several problems for you and your neighbors, such as:

  • An increase in pests like flies, ants, roaches, etc.
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Stains
  • Unsightly appearance

Therefore, instead of parking your garbage bags outside until you’re ready to take them to the dumpster, go ahead and make the full trip. It only takes a couple minutes, and before you know it, garbage duty will be done for the day.

By the way, when you take your garbage to the dumpster, make sure to put it inside the dumpster and not next to it. Garbage left on the ground next to a dumpster will result in the same problems as when garbage is left outside an apartment. If the first dumpster you arrive at is full, we recommend that you visit another dumpster on the property with room inside of it.

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