Choosing the Right Water Filter for Your Gainesville Apartment

Using a water filter is a great way for you enjoy the taste of fresh, crisp drinking water whenever you want and avoid having to lug home bottles of water from the store, not to mention the waste of throwing those bottles away when you’re done with them. You can find water filters at any supermarket or home improvement store, and they typically come in one of two varieties. Pitcher filters attach over the top of a typical water pitcher, and sift the impurities out of the water as it is poured through the filter. Tap filters attach right onto your kitchen faucet and treat your water as the current runs through it.

While both filters will produce excellent results, each type has definite pros and cons that you should consider before buying:

    • Tap filters – These filters can purify water continuously at the turn of the faucet, so the amount of filtered water you can get at any one time is virtually unlimited. However, the actual filter in the tap apparatus typically requires more frequent replacement than the ones found in pitcher filters.
    • Pitcher filters – Pitcher filters filter the water more slowly as it trickles down into the pitcher, and can only hold as much water as the pitcher allows (typically not much more than a gallon). However, they infrequently need replacement and by their very nature will always provide you with chilled, delicious water ready to drink straight from your refrigerator.

Whether you choose a pitcher or tap filter, either product will help you enjoy great tasting water right at your Gainesville apartment home. For more information about Bellamay Grand, our available units, or many world-class amenities, fill out the contact us form found on this website or call our leasing office today.

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