Learning about the History of Sushi at Your Apartment in Gainesville, FL

Sushi is a delectable and healthy type of food that many people enjoy. It consists of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients, such as seafood, vegetables, fruit, and more. And, though it didn’t appear in restaurants in the United States until the 1960s, sushi has a long and varied history.

The next time you enjoy a sushi meal, you can impress your dining companions with the following interesting sushi facts:

    • Sushi is believed to have been invented during the second century A.D. in Southeast Asia
    • In the 1820s, chefs started using raw fish in their sushi, and this is the style you’ll find in most sushi restaurants today
    • The California roll was invented in Los Angeles and is made with a slice of avocado, cucumber, or crab meat being substituted for fish in a traditional maki roll
    • Sushi’s original term meant fermented meat or fish, prepared for the sole purpose of preservation

There are many fine choices for sushi located around Bellamay Grand Apartment Homes. Consider trying A’xin Sushi & Grill, Miya Sushi, or Dragonfly Sushi to sample their exquisite menus.

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