Buy Seasonal Foods and Save on Groceries at Your Gainesville Apartment

Groceries are always an essential part of any budget, so finding a way to make your dollars go further at the grocery store can be exceptionally beneficial. Using seasonal ingredients in your cooking is one smart way to save on the foods you buy.

Thanks to modern transportation and distribution networks, it’s possible to get almost any type of food throughout the year, but the cost of many of these foods tends to fluctuate from one season to the next. Because many products like asparagus require specific conditions to grow, when they’re out of season in your area they must be shipped in, often internationally, which can drastically increase their prices.

Here are a few foods Bellamay Grand residents can choose to keep their meals seasonal:


  • Spring – broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, and watermelon
  • Summer – blueberries, corn, strawberries, and grapefruit
  • Fall – pears, grapes, mushrooms, and avocados
  • Winter – cabbage, eggplant, spinach, and okra

These are just a few of the many options you can choose from to help keep your meals seasonal throughout the year. In addition to saving you money, these options can also help you keep your menu varied throughout the year and keep you from getting stuck eating the same things week after week at your Gainesville apartment.

With spacious kitchens that will allow you to experiment with seasonal ingredients, Bellamay Grand is a great community to join. To schedule a tour of our apartments or to learn more about ourcommunity’s amenities, contact our main office today.

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“The scenery and space is amazing. The apartment leasing staff and maintenance staff are wonderful. I love that its a gated community and all though it's family and student oriented it's still extremely quiet.”
“This is a quiet gated community with nice apartments located in a great area.”
“We just moved in about a month ago. We had maintenance in so many times trying to get things set up for my disabled son - but they never complained. The grounds are beautiful. The people in the office are always polite and helpful. Very happy here.”
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